Globally, 1.25 million people are killed each year in road crashes. 90% of these fatalities occur in the developing world with India leading the global death toll with 150,000 deaths each year. SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) is an independent, non-profit organization committed to improving road safety and access to emergency medical care across India and the developing world.

SLF connects Research, Advocacy, Communication and Execution (RACE) to operate at the intersection of policy making and grassroots implementation for crash prevention as well as post-crash response.

Over the past few years, SLF has undertaken an array of interventions that includes facilitating enactment of key legislations in India such as the Good Samaritan Law , adopting one of India’s deadliest highways – the Mumbai Pune Expressway, to transform it into a zero-fatality corridor and trained thousands of Police officers and volunteers in life-saving techniques and built technology platforms to assist road users and those interested in road safety.

SLF also provides assistance to stakeholders including bereaved families from extremely poor backgrounds by providing information on emergency and post-accident treatment available and the legal, medical and financial claims that can be accessed.

SLF has also been recognised as the Best Non-Profit in India by the Rockefeller Foundation, and has won the prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.

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