Mumbai: A 30% drop in accident deaths involving cars on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in 2017 as compared to 2016 .
Long way to go to achieve our target of zero preventable fatalities on Mumbai-Pune Expressway but last two years of efforts are beginning to pay off
Originally reported by The Times of India

Mumbai: Living up with the vision of Zero Fatality at Mumbai-Pune Expressway, SaveLife Foundation signs two major MoU with Maharashtra government, Home department and Public Health department respectively.

Increasing fatality rate over the highway has been a constant source worry for the government and the expressway authorities.

Under the MoU, Health Department and SLF shall work together to improve trauma care system on MPEW. Interventions will focus on making emergency care more easily and accessible to victims of road crash quickly.

SaveLIFE foundation will make the required research and recommendation to strengthen emergency medical care for the road accidents victims.

Originally reported by The Times of India